I was having a conversation with one of my girlfriends the other day and I was telling her how my style seems to have evolved in the past year. I don’t know if it has something to do with the fact that I turned 30….

Anyway, I seem to gravitate towards simple, classic and timeless pieces that have a certain degree of versatility. Also, quality over quantity. You know?

Hence my obsession with WazaWazi, who don’t need an introduction for those who’ve been reading  my blog for a while. If you are new here, WazaWazi is an afrocentric brand who tell a story of a modern day Africa through their leather bags and accessories.

‘….Each collection is designed and created with the intention of making a personal statement. Each art piece is brought to life by a Wazawazi artist who understands the mission: to represent Africa’s essence that is culturally expressive, magnificent, and unapologetic’


 Here, I am carrying the ‘Luoch’ clutch. You guys need to see the workmanship on each of their pieces… simply, impeccable!!

If you are in need of a superior quality leather bag and accessories, please look no further. Seriously, these guys are the BIZ!


Pics by DannySkech


IMG_7630 copy





Dress (worn as top)- SheInside | Trousers- 4U2 | Heels- Dorothy Perkins | Rings- Ziko Afrika | Earrings- Shop in SA | Bag- WazaWazi (Bag dimensions-13” x 9.5”- available in various colours)

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Bellissimo!!! Love the pictures and the bag looks super GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

Thank you Amanda!

Very pretty Sienna! The red really looks nice on you plus the photography is pretty sweet!

Hey Agnes, 🙂 thank you! I will be sure to pass the compliments to @DannySkech

It gives me joy to see how much you have grown.

Awwww!Thank you for all the support!

love the outfit 🙂

Thank you Siro!

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