T H R E A D { a strand of a certain fibre } | M U S E { an inspiration } | C U L T U R E { the arts & other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively }

Hey there! My name is Sienna Nambuliey Barley; wife, sociologist, blogger, stylist, ultimate foodie, laughter enthusiast and extreme sale aficionado.

I have always been intrigued by style and fashion, so when the Embassy I worked for closed office back in 2011, starting a fashion blog felt like my obvious next step.

Fast forward to a few years and the blog has metamorphosed into a Lifestyle platform, incorporating not only style but my other passions such as food, photography, hair & beauty, my travels and most recently, a YouTube makeover show called ‘Takeover Makeover‘.

Thread Muse Culture aims at showcasing the everyday life of a young stylish African woman while also creating a platform for those who aspire and hope to be inspired!

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