1920’s inspired!

Thank you for all the love you’ve given to my last post. This has got to be one of my favourite posts yet! It’s clearly going to be picture heavy- so, brace yourselves! When I walked in to the Privé Room at the Captain Terrace Restaurant, I immediately felt like I had walked in to a … Continue Reading

Vintage Grandeur!

Have you ever been mesmerized by a location? Yep, this was me a few weeks ago when I first visited Captain Terrace Restaurant. When I walked in, I immediately felt transported to various decades of the 20th century. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi …. an indescribable witty charm about the décor that I fell in … Continue Reading

African print!

I am obsessed with clothing made out of African prints, but with a modern twist. I bought this fabric way back in 2014 when I first visited Nigeria. I remember being so excited yet super overwhelmed when we went to the market. All fabrics looked and felt amazing…. but I could only carry 5!! Only … Continue Reading

Joggers & Heels!

Who says joggers have to be worn only while exercising or just as a lazy-chill-at-home piece? I like the idea of mixing hard and soft. I love the bagginess of this pants and contrasting them with heels just makes me giddy with excitement! Anyway, have a bomb weekend! Pictures by DannySkech Photography Venue: Vester Gardens Sunnies- … Continue Reading

Stripe on stripe!

I love mixing prints and the easiest way to go about this is to pair items that belong to the same print family. Case in point, stripe on stripe. I wanted to add a muted colour so I went for this tan leather bag and complimented it with these nude pumps, which by now you … Continue Reading

Of Studs & Mesh!

I started building this outfit with this skirt in mind. I thrifted this piece years ago and I probably wore it once. Lately, I have been going through a decluttering process and this skirt happened to be one of the few pieces I decided to keep. I love its peek-a-boo unexpectedness and its shorter inner … Continue Reading

With love, from my Mama!

To say that I have had this coat for a decade would be a blatant lie. I have had this coat since 1997 or 1998 when I was still in primary school. I don’t remember all the nitty gritty details of how I inherited it but all I know is it was one of my … Continue Reading

Colourful + Floral!

This dress is definitely one of my weekend staples. It’s colourful, has a simple yet comfortable shape and can be worn for various events. Plus, did I mention that it’s a cheaply thrifted Marc Jacobs piece? Can I get a hallelujah?! Pictures: DannySkech Location: FarmHouz This is an ode to all the women struggling with … Continue Reading

Plaid on plaid!

This plaid sweater gives me so much life! I bought it sometime late last year at Toi Market and my cousin (.. hey Mel!) who I was shopping with at the time, just could not understand why I was buying this sweater. She said it’s very …‘granny… old lady-ish’…. I was out to prove her wrong. … Continue Reading

Mustard + Side Zippers!

Was recently shopping for lightweight sweaters since the Nairobi weather has recently been so indecisive! Since buying this sweater in Istanbul in 2015, I have always had a slight obsession with sweaters or knits with side zippers. Now that, combined with the mustard colour… of course I was sold! We shot this outfit at FarmHouz, … Continue Reading