I have never worn a weave in my life. Neither had I worn a wig until this Body of Hair (BOH) shoot…

Let me start from the beginning. Before our YouTube show Takeover Makeover, my girl Nemps had asked me to style a shoot for her hair brand (BOH), which specializes in authentically sourced virgin human hair.


Come the shoot day and we were two models down. Long story short, I doubled up as the stylist and model, together with Nemps and Aker (..but how gorgeous are these girls?).. I was ecstatic! I mean, it’s not everyday that I get a chance to wear virgin hair wigs… plus the anticipation of actually wearing a wig for the very first time!

BOH offers 3 kinds of textures: Pure Body, Pure Straight & Pure Deep. Check out the their website for more details.

Photo’s by Barbara Minishi

Makeup by Kangai of Bellesa Africa







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I love the curly wig looks fantastic. Yani even you models are fine especially coz you wearing white you look great. The foto man is on point.

Thanks Beatrice! Much appreciated!

I have never had a weave or wig on either,, but looks nice!!!

Ofcourse I am not sure if I can try

Hey Asha!!! Never say never…. 🙂

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