As I write this, we’re just 7 hours short of ushering the new year.

As you countdown to 2018, I leave you with my top fifteen favourites from the 30 habits for happiness by Lewis Howes, that I hope will be useful to you in the new year:

♡ Be kind | ♡ Eat well | ♡ Exercise | ♡ Be honest | ♡ Dream big | ♡ Be patient | ♡ Love yourself | ♡ Show gratitude | ♡ Think positively | ♡ Don’t make excuses | ♡ Choose faith over fear| ♡ Make the most of now | ♡ Exercise self discipline | ♡ See failure as opportunity | ♡ Select friends that lift you up

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog! Wishing you all a blessed 2018 ♡

Pictures by DannySkech

Photography Venue: The Bedelle

{The Bedelle is a luxury boutique hotel located in Runda.  The hotel is Nairobi’s hidden gem that is ideal for accommodation, conferencing, fine dining and bespoke events}.

Henry Holland Leather Jacket- Shop in Scotland | Glamorous Dress- TK Maxx | Heels- Woolworths Kenya | Leather Bag- Toi Market | Sunnies- Accessorize at Junction Mall

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