This kimono has been a part of my life for a very loooong time.

I love the design on the trim and lapel and the price, Kshs. 50 ($0.5) definitely contributed to my decision on whether I was taking it home or not.

 At the time, I liked the idea of chopping it and making a different outfit out of the beautiful fabric. So, as I thought of the design of the outfit I’d make, I kept wearing it at home (and randomly to my local supermarket) as it was.

A robe.

The more people saw it and complimented me on it (read: tried to steal it), the more I was convinced to leave it as it is. Anyway, I recently challenged myself to wear it outdoors and this was the result!

Pictures by DannySkech

Chocker- #OwnYourCulture | Silk Kimono- Thrifted | Jeans- Mango | Vest- Viv0 | Ear Cuff- Jewels By Angeline | Lipstick- Nouba #6 & NYX Soft Matte Lipstick in London

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